How to Find Reliable Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate planning is a necessary aspect of growing older. With proper planning, there’s no confusion as to where assets will go after one’s death. The best way to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible is to enlist the help of an estate planning attorney. But how does one find reliable estate planning attorneys? Margaret Barrett of Safe Harbor Estate Law covers the three most important questions to ask to find the right attorney.

1. Will You Prepare Customized Documents for Me?
Everyone’s estate is different, which means that most people need bespoke help.

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The last thing one wants when working with estate planning attorneys is cookie-cutter support. This question clarifies how much support and customization they offer.

2. Will You Help Me Title My Assets and List My Beneficiaries?
Not everyone knows what to expect going into the estate planning process, which is why this is often overlooked. When things aren’t properly titled and allocated, it can cause issues later on. Reliable estate planning attorneys will offer these services.

3. What Can I Expect If I Hire You?
This is a broad question but one that can illuminate whether or not a firm is the right one. A proper response is one that is detailed, outlines the process, and outlines any challenges or expectations the client should have. The more one knows going in, the easier things will be.

Finding reliable estate attorneys can be tough, but it’s not impossible. The three questions above make it easier to source better support. Of course, one can come up with more questions that may be more pertinent to their situation as well!.

Estate planning is a necessary aspect of growing older

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