Understanding What Legionella Is

Legionella is a type of bacteria found in water sources. It can cause severe pneumonia, known as Legionnaires’ disease, and milder illnesses like Pontiac fever. The YouTube video explores the topic in more detail and explains what viewers should do if they suspect that Legionella may be in the water source.

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Know These Facts About This Bacterium


The first question to answer is where these bacteria live. You’ll find it in water sources such as lakes, rivers, and soil. It’s a waterborne bacterium. Next, you may wonder how this affects people and how you can become infected. Humans who breathe in small amounts of bacteria through droplets in the air can become sick. It’s a respiratory disease.


When someone gets sick from these bacteria, it can cause a severe type of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease. At the lesser end of the spectrum, it may cause flu-like symptoms known as Pontiac Fever, which can feel severe. Legionella can grow in artificial water systems like hot tubs, showers, air conditioning units, and large buildings’ water pipes.


As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. There are preventative measures you can take to prevent an infection and protect your family. For example, regular cleaning and maintenance of water systems, keeping water at the right temperature, and using disinfectants can help prevent it from spreading.


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