5 Amazing Reasons for Being a Christian


People take living on earth for granted. Yet, they marvel at how the galaxy works in perfection and how the birds survive with minimal intervention. All these things are made possible by God, whose Son Jesus shed his blood to protect you from harm, evil, and illness. It’s written in John 10:10 that Christ came to Earth so that you may have life and have it abundantly.

Whether you have accumulated earthly possessions or face great hardships, you ought to follow Christ’s ways to access the kingdom of God. Establishing a lasting relationship with Christ comes with many perks. Here are some of them:

Less stressful Life

Life on earth can sometimes be filled with despair, evil things, and painful experiences. However, Jesus advised you not to worry about any situation in your daily life. In the Bible, Mathew 6:25-33 narrates to us how Jesus showed his disciples the way to live. He told them they shouldn’t fret about what they will wear, eat, or drink. God is usually aware of his children’s desires. He is capable of providing any of their needs. As a Christian, prayer is the answer. All situations are resolvable under God’s intervention.

Life in Eternity

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Following Christ’s teachings and believing in him prepares you for life after death. Death is often a mystery and generates lots of anxiety and fear for many people. However, Christians can go on with their lives with little or nothing to worry about death. They are confident that they will be with the Lord, even after this earthly life. Jesus reassures Christians in John 11:25-26 that, he who believes in Him, though he may die, shall live. Eternal life in heaven awaits you if you believe in Jesus. You undoubtedly won’t want to miss such an experience of no thirst, hunger, and without tears.

Overcome Sin

The Bible teaches Christians to live a righteous life. Unpleasant things, such as lust, jealousy, anger, hatred, and impatience, are the foundation of misery in people’s lives. The Christian way discourages you from sinning and, therefore, avoid living a miserable life. Becoming a Cristian disciple will enable you to concur sin and have a joyous life. The vital step to becoming a follower of Christ is to join a disciple-making ministry. Such ministries will help you understand Christianity better, and above all, accept Christ as your savior.

The Purpose of Your Life

You’re likely to get lost if you set on a journey without knowing your destination. The same analogy applies to the lives we live on Earth. If you want to know the significance of your existence, you have to turn to God. He is the maker of all living things on Earth. The Lord will reveal to you what he expects from you and guide you through all stages of your life.

Overall, there is no better time to accept Jesus. You need to be prepared today, for you don’t know when Christ will be back and take his followers to Heaven.

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