Five Ways Communities Can Promote Saving Among Minors


Saving is an integral part of financial planning and stability. Though it may seem daunting to start, saving at a young age can have lasting benefits.

It’s never too early to start saving for the future. However, research shows that the earlier you start saving, the more money you’ll have in the long run. That’s because compound interest has a snowball effect, meaning your savings will grow at an ever-increasing rate over time. So why not get started today? Here are five ways your community can promote saving among minors.

Financial Seminars

One way to encourage saving is to offer financial seminars for minors in the community. These seminars can be led by financial professionals or even by volunteer members of the community who are passionate about saving and investing. The goal of these seminars should be to educate minors on the importance of saving and to provide them with basic financial knowledge.

Professionals should discuss essential financial knowledge such as savings and interest in a way each can understand. Furthermore, there should also be information on how to start saving. It can be challenging for minors to save if they don’t know where to begin.

These seminars should also cover investments. Discussing potential investments in the future can help with long-term saving goals. However, it’s important to note that investments come with risk. So professionals should teach minors about the risks involved in investing before making any decisions. They should also further explain risk appetites for teenagers planning to invest early in their careers.

Calculator, stack of coins, and a piggy bank

Community Banks

Another way communities can promote saving is by supporting local banks and credit unions. These financial institutions typically offer youth checking accounts. These accounts usually have lower fees and minimum balances than regular checking accounts, making them more accessible for minors.

Some community banks and credit unions also offer savings programs for minors. For example, some institutions match a certain percentage of money the minor saves. This can be a great way to encourage saving, as the minor will feel like their money is growing faster.

It’s also important to note that community banks and credit unions are typically more invested in the local community than large national banks. So by supporting them, you’re also supporting your community.

Piggy Banks

A tried and true method of encouraging saving is the piggy bank. It can be a physical piggy bank in which the minor saves money or a savings account at a local bank.

The key with piggy banks is to make saving fun and easy. For example, the piggy bank could be the shape of the minor’s favorite animal. Or it could have different compartments for different types of savings goals. For example, one compartment could be for long-term savings goals like college tuition, while another could be for short-term goals like a new bike.

Making saving fun and easy is especially important for minors, as they may not fully understand the concept of compound interest yet. By making saving fun, you can help instill good financial habits in minors that will last a lifetime.

Financial Workshops

Another way to promote saving in the community is to offer financial workshops for minors. These workshops can be similar to financial seminars, but they should be more interactive. Financial workshops should allow minors to practice saving and investing in a safe and controlled environment.

For example, one type of financial workshop could be a mock investment club. In this workshop, minors would be given a set amount of fake money to invest in different stocks and assets. It would allow them to learn about the different types of investments without putting any real money at risk.

Another type of financial workshop could be a budgeting game. In this game, minors would be given a certain amount of money each month, and they would have to budget it out for different expenses. Again, this would help them learn how to live within their means and save money each month.

Field Trips to Banks

One way to promote saving in the community is to offer field trips to local banks and financial institutions. These field trips can help minors learn about these institutions’ different services. For example, they can learn about savings accounts, checking accounts, and loans.

Field trips to banks and financial institutions can also help minors understand the importance of saving. They can see first-hand how much money can be saved by making small deposits into a monthly savings account. It can be a powerful motivator for minors to start saving themselves.


There are many ways that communities can promote saving among minors. By offering financial seminars, workshops, and field trips, you can help instill good financial habits in minors that will last a lifetime.

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