Communities Should Invest In Learning Opportunities For Its Members

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Times have been tough, and that statement alone doesn’t begin to explain the many challenges and setbacks families across the world had to face over these past few months, clinging onto whatever hope and opportunity would come their way. As a result, various people were forced to let go of things they enjoyed, their free time, and many other hobbies to make ends meet and at least push to see another day, no matter how bad it gets.

However, now that these constraints and stressors have been dialed back ever so slightly, we think it’s time to shift our perspective from an individualistic approach to recovery to something more inclusive that involves community engagement and development. And while that may sound like a daunting task on paper, we firmly believe that communities are more than capable of setting things in motion, especially if we start by investing in learning opportunities to promote inclusiveness for all.

Resilience Achieved Through Community Participation

You see, while many families have managed to build their resilience against drastic changes and uncertainty, there’s only so much a single household can do to protect itself from further disruptions and external threats. And while we don’t mean to undermine the effort and time invested, we must also come to understand that resilience achieved through community participation is a lot stronger in comparison. So, it’s in a community’s best interest to come together, discern community issues, and work together toward recovery, starting with learning opportunities.

  • Collaborative Effort Triumphs Over Individual Input: Firstly, when talking about food resilience or livelihood safety, the individual input of a single household can only receive so little in the grand scheme of things. However, working together taps into collaborative creativity, meaning that when communities enable projects that benefit the entire community, the effort is compounded on a cumulative and exponential basis. Therefore, a lot more is achieved when people rack their brains together.
  • Promote Unity, Solidarity, And Community Spirit: Besides the objective aspect of more results, community participation also provides inherent social and emotional values because it promotes unity, solidarity, and community spirit during troubled times. It’s unfair and impossible to handle all that stress and worry all by yourself, and even if you manage to stand firm, this will have repercussions in the long term. So, don’t try to carry the weight of the world because there are people in your community willing to share the burden with you.

#1 Encourage Volunteerism In Community Development Projects

Since we’re aiming to create learning opportunities through community projects, one of the best ways to achieve this goal is by encouraging volunteerism among community remembers for community development work. For example, environmental awareness-related activities will hone leadership skills and accountability, whereas local entrepreneurship would empower business and people skills. Plus, there are several iterations of community development projects you can implement depending on your community profile, so be creative and decide which would create the most value.

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#2 Provide Skills-Training Seminars And Workshops

In addition to volunteerism, communities can also invest in actual skills-training seminars and workshops that will provide direct education and learning opportunities to their members. For example, in this evolving digital native economy, you could opt for business writing seminars, technology literacy classes, and many others that are relevant in today’s work landscape. Plus, if you have any professionals already living within the community, they might be inclined to provide you with a discount as well.

#3 Host Community Events And Bring People Together

Apart from direct learning opportunities or volunteer work, another excellent method of promoting inclusiveness whilst empowering the education of community members is by hosting community events that bring people together. You see, depending on the type of event and competition you decide to host, there are limitless possibilities as to what you want to emphasize and how you want to go about helping the community. Furthermore, community members will learn essential management skills and, if it’s a fundraiser, you’ll also be supporting a cause.

But, Please Don’t Forget We’re Still In The Middle Of A Global Pandemic.

Likewise, despite the enthusiasm expressed above, please remember that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. So, before you double down on any community development projects or community-based work aimed at creating learning opportunities, ensure that these follow social distancing guidelines and general safety. Sure, it might prove troublesome given the restrictions, but it’s not impossible if you put your heart into it.

Help Others Reach Their Greatest Potential!

In conclusion, we believe that there’s plenty we can achieve together, starting with learning opportunities that promote inclusiveness within a community. Therefore, instead of balancing everything by yourself, we recommend you help others reach their greatest potential as well.

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