Non-profit Organizations You Should Be Supporting


When the topic of helping non-profit organizations comes up, some people tend to think that it has to be financial help. Of course, money makes the world goes round, and it can go a long way, but you could also consider volunteering in many ways if helping out financially might not be something you can do yet.

If you’re a student, you can contact some non-profit organizations with a mission and vision in line with your mantra in life. You could do it in between reviewing for your examinations and fulfilling your college entrance requirements.

You could offer any help depending on what your chosen organization needs. You could volunteer for their events or help in marketing them by handing out some of their brochures, and you could be helping immigrants, hungry children, displaced communities, marginalized groups of people, victims of violence, and many more.

Which Non-Profit Organizations Should You Consider Supporting

It might be a little confusing to choose when you need to choose to volunteer for and support at first as there are more than 1.5 million American non-profit organizations you have to look into. But, choosing which one you want to extend a helping hand to shouldn’t be a stressful process, so here are some organizations that you should consider:

Amnesty International is one of the most significant and widely-known global movements with more than 10 million members fighting for human rights and a world free from any form of injustice. That goal sounds like a pipe dream, but they can get closer to their goals with continued support in whatever form — whether it’s through donations, volunteerism, or campaigning for them.

If you’re passionate about helping animals and bringing animal rights into mainstream consciousness, you should consider volunteering for an animal rights organization. American Humane Association is one of the organizations that has been around for more than a hundred years and has been actively campaigning to promote animal welfare.

It’s common knowledge how deforestation kills the environment and contributes to the worsening climate crisis and social inequality.  If you pay attention to the news, you will learn how wildfires are happening everywhere that are slowly destroying the forests, which are home to an essential ecosystem that plays a massive role in keeping the balance on Earth. You can help protect the remaining forests from climate change and even contribute to American Forests’ reforestation efforts.

The Children’s Disaster Services has been around since 1980, which caters to the needs of children. To help more children, the organization sets up child care centers and focuses on assisting them during disasters. Their staff is adequately trained to respond to children suffering from traumas caused by natural and human-caused catastrophes such as wildfires, storms, floods, and many more.

It’s undeniable how much humans have altered the world. As of today, there are a million wildlife species that are endangered and will possibly face extinction. This unfortunate fate will continue to happen to many wildlife if there is no intervention from people dedicated to saving them, which are precisely the goals of Defenders of Wildlife. They collaborate with many lawmakers and policymakers to prevent wildlife from losing their habitats and food source as an organization.

Because of wars, conflicts, and disasters, many people are suffering tremendously. Many of them lose their homes, livelihoods, and their properties. These crises displace many people’s lives worldwide, and without organizations like the International Rescue Committee or IRC to step in, they wouldn’t have much hope of making it. IRC helps as much as they can to help refugees rebuild their lives and have a future to thrive and live normal lives.

  • Alliance For Aging Research

Most people have elderly people in their lives who they care deeply about. Of course, you would want to make sure they will live a healthy life for as long as possible. So, you should consider volunteering for Alliance for Aging Research, as they are dedicated to helping the medical world discover and apply their latest medical breakthroughs to improve the aging generation’s lives and overall health.

You Can Make The World A Better Place

It might sound too idealistic when you hear people say that a small act of kindness will go a long way. But in a world where there is too much hate, violence, and crises, being a helping hand will surely help make the world a better place.

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