What is Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication?

If a custom steel product is ordered, a client can choose the design elements that the product will possess. In this series, Ron and Don discuss the benefits of refurbishing stainless steel cabinets. Minor updates will increase the lifespan of the metal, plus will reduce costs.

Before stainless steel is modified, it should be inspected for signs of wear and damage. If a stainless steel product is weak or contains holes, the inspection process will determine which metal parts will need to be reinforced or replaced.

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The cost of refurbishing a stainless steel product is often less than the cost of purchasing a new stainless steel product. The functionality of a custom steel product that has undergone modifications will be comparable to the functionality of a new steel product.

Custom steel products will possess the desired shape and thickness that a customer is seeking. The original steel product will be cleaned and stripped. Measurements of the steel pieces that are being modified will be taken. Custom steel products are molded, shaped, and cut during the manufacturing process.

The manufacturer who oversees a custom stainless steel fabrication process will outline the expected lifespan of a product. The lifespan will be dependent upon the steel grade and the dimensions of the product.



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